13 June, 2021

Flap Those Wings

Dropping fares, more airlines to choose. The skies are crowding up, and it's more good news for Indian fliers.

Flap Those Wings
Neha Kanoi of Tinsukia will not ring a bell in too many minds. But she is one of 5,000 lucky people who have actually lived out a wild dream—travelling by air for a mere Re 1 (plus airport tax). Now this may seem like a trick on par with the selling of the Taj Mahal or hawking Parisian air in plastic packets, but it isn’t. Thousands of others have travelled for Rs 500, and many more have flown at half prices as budget carriers and other airlines slug it out in a bid to woo flyers. There are other goodies too, like free 5-star accommodation and free travel for companions thrown in to spice up the bargain. For the first time, the flying customer is getting to feel like royalty.
Massive cuts in air fares isn’t the only excitement in the Indian skies. In the near future, 17 new airlines are promising to spread their wings; of these, seven (including IndiGo, Paramount Airways, Yamuna Airlines, and Palace in the Sky) are already procuring aircraft while others (like Visa Air, Air Excellence and Sky Blue) have submitted proposals to the civil aviation ministry. Ranging...

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