24 November, 2020

Five People He Loves...

Sanjay Gandhi, Jayaprakash Narayan, Nani J. Palkhivala, Manmohan Singh, Manzur Qadir.

Five People He Loves...
Sanjay Gandhi

"For all his goondaism, he was a man of dreams, impatient to put them into action. Not many Indians I know had his demonic drive to get things done. After his death, both his widow and son joined a political party he regarded as his greatest enemy, which confirms I was right in my assessment of him."

Jayaprakash Narayan

"I knew him long before he became Lok Nayak. He was a very gentle creature and very courageous. His was the only voice to speak out during Indira Gandhi’s time and therefore landed in jail many times. During the Bihar famine, I visited him in his ashram, eager to do something useful. But because he was too kind, he ended up wasting all his time talking to people who landed up there. He didn’t have the courage...



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