13 June, 2021

First Test Bloomers

The terror case has come as a 'new, unknown road' for Australia. For Haneef, it's good news. Updates

First Test Bloomers
It's fast becoming the flip-flop season Down Under. The focal point of doubt is the Dr Mohammed Haneef case, with all sorts of revisions and retractions coming forth about the quality of evidence implicating him in the aborted UK terror attacks. Australian deputy PM Mark Vaile set the ball rolling through a surprising admission—that Dr Haneef's immigration visa was revoked, and he was consequently detained, because the government didn't want him to leave the country (a Brisbane court had granted him bail). Vaile's remark contradicted immigration minister Kevin Andrews who had earlier said the Bangalore doctor's visa was cancelled because he did not satisfy the character requirements of the Immigration Act. It was assumed Vaile was speaking the truth because he sits on the cabinet security committee. The ensuing public outcry prompted him to say he had made a "mistake".

Leaks to the media have had the people gasping over the bumbling, even tendentious, method of investigation the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have employed to establish...

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