06 May, 2021

Finland Diary

In Outlook this week, a diary from Finland- on elections, skiing and saunas!

Finland Diary
A Nordic Election

On April 14, around the time India’s massive general elections will be underway, tiny Finland in the Nordics will also hold its parliamentary elections. Finnish parliamentary elections are held once every four years and the present government, a three-party coalition that controls 104 of the 200 seats, comprises Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Centre Party (centrist; with an agrarian base); the National Coalition Party (liberal; with an urban, high-income base); and the Blue Reform Party (a conservative party that broke away from the right-wing Finns Party, a former member of the coalition). Finland’s voter turnout is typically high. In 2015, it was 70 per cent plus (nearly three million people turned up to cast their votes), which is probably also a reflection of the nation’s demographics: over 73 per cent of Finns are 25 or older, and those who are 65 or older make up 21.5 per cent—quite the opposite of...

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