18 June, 2021

Fighting The Good Cause

In John Osborne's celebrated play Look Back in Anger, the cynical and morally disengaged hero, Jimmy Porter, laments, "There are no good causes left." Happily, that is not true of India 2003.

Fighting The Good Cause
As this "low, dishonest" year comes to an end, with India as we know it under siege, there are few reasons to celebrate or welcome 2003. The victors are, understandably, in mood for extravagant self-congratulation (winning, after all, is a new experience for them)—and furiously composing the epitaph of pluralism. Reading and listening to them is to believe that not just the match, but the series is over.

Secularists, pseudo-secularists, professional secularists, jehadi secularists, hate-filled secularists (oh irony, where is thy sting!) are up for target practice. Anyone who opposed Narendra Modi and Praveen Togadia is at the receiving end of blistering ridicule and vile abuse. The least demanded is a public mea culpa and scotch tape around the mouth for months to come.

Yet, now more than ever, the communal venom spread by these two individuals, first in Gujarat and now threatening the rest of the country, needs to be confronted and crushed. The victors are attempting to legitimise the "experiment" by describing it as the "will of the people". No doubt, the citizens...

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