21 June, 2021

Fighting For The Rights

Artiste Shubha Mudgal elaborates on the copyright cause that she has been championing for a long time

Fighting For The Rights

In the field of traditional Indian music, artistes have no idea of what their rights are. Artistes abroad have professional managers who specifically look into and deal with the issue. There is an entire industry built around the field of copyrights and its practices. Here we have not been trained enough, we have only learnt the various systems of music, not how to fight if our creative rights are flouted. And the flouting happens blatantly. For example, it’s a common practice in various shows to record the performances saying that they are meant for documentation and archives but they actually get sold later and the artistes are not even given a copy of the recording, leave alone their monetary share. Both big as well as small institutions do this regularly. Artistes themselves do it. They get their shows recorded without communicating it to the accompanists. Why can’t such permissions be taken prior to the programme? 

When I started off I was naïve and innocent about these issues but I learnt my bitter...

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