22 June, 2021

Fight For Sam’s Soul

Kuchibhotla had to die, but white supremacists have a new foe: other vocal Americans

A silent protest in front of Kuchibhotla’s pyre in Hyderabad
Photograph by AP
Fight For Sam’s Soul

A giant heart in gaudy pink, radiating silver blue rays, thr­obbed vigorously on the scr­een behind. Two young cou­­­­ples, dressed in black, danced suggestively to a soft melody on the dimly-lit stage. But the music was suddenly disrupted by shouting and sounds of gunshot. A couple of terrorists, cloaked in green burqas and carrying glow-in-the-dark plastic guns, jumped on to the stage—firing in the air and forcing the hapless foursome into a huddle. They hollered in Arabic and guffawed like villains from bad movies. But before long, a group of spr­ightly American Rangers came out of nowhere and kicked their asses with Chuck Norris moves, saving the day. The bemused audience clapped in appreciation.

Mid-October evenings aren’t terribly cold in Edison, New Jersey and so the 2,000-odd Indians who had gathered for the ‘Hindus for Trump’ gala—setting of the above show—could display their emb­roidered salwars and colourful churidaars. Many were Telugus, and they hadn’t come there as much for the politics...

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