07 May, 2021

‘Fight Against Colour Bias Must Become A Movement’

Actor-producer Abhay Deol opens up about the existing skin-colour biases in the indian entertainment industry...

Photograph by Sinbad Phgura
‘Fight Against Colour Bias Must Become A Movement’

Actor-producer Abhay Deol recently flayed skin-colour biases in India’s entertainment industry and urged his film colleagues to stop endorsing products that promised lighter skin on use. In an interview with Prachi Pinglay-Plumber, the 41-year-old says he hopes his outbursts in social media will prompt people to take a fresh look at cinema—and society in general. India needs a charged-up and sustained movement against such racist traits, more so when the country has a grand mix of people of varied complexions, build and creed.

What prompted you to put out those posts?

This may be my first such post on Facebook, but I have twee­ted about the issue in the past. I have been making an effort in my own space. Sometimes you feel a little is not enough, so you do some more. Honestly, I was just expressing my views—I did it for awareness, though with a bit of fun. Maybe I have been watching too much of American political satire. The FB post was a little provocative, to make people think. I...

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