05 March, 2021

Fifty One Shades

Lace and satin lingerie for men? To each his own.

Fifty One Shades

Why is it that a woman wearing boxers is considered cute and sexy, but a man in panties, one perhaps with lace and satin, in pinks and peaches, is weird? Brent Krause, owner and lead designer for Homme Mystere thought it a wacky idea to come up with intimate wear for men, taking the cue from female lingerie. The Brisbane-based online store and design studio challenges some of our most entrenched gender stereotypes—all those assumptions rooted in rigid, age-old gender roles that dictate what men and women should wear, both in public and in their private spaces.

“Women’s underwear in stores has always been bright and colourful. The fabrics are lightweight, stretchy, incredibly soft to touch. I wondered what it would be like to have men’s underwear made with the same fabrics and if it would be as comfortable as it felt to touch,” says Brent. After making a few samples of briefs, boy-shorts and thongs, Brent decided to check if other guys also liked the same thing. Along with his wife, he started the business five years ago and started selling a...

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