28 September, 2020

FIFA World Cup Fever In India: Gali Gali Football Shootball

Following matches through radio static to plugging in—Indian fans have been steadfast as ever. But has the dazzle of European soccer held us in enthralled stupor?

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An old alley, a maestro with his bag of tricks, a group of gaping peers, graffiti declaring the advent of gods...World Cup comes to Calcutta
Photograph by Sandipan Chatterjee
FIFA World Cup Fever In India: Gali Gali Football Shootball

If you keep faith in the Beautiful Game, the FIFA World Cup would arrive every four years as manna from heaven, a cornucopia that is soul food as well as sensual indulgence. While Indian football fans have not thrown up a team their countrymen could root for, they have absorbed, nay inhered, world football through the decades. The nat­­ure of fandom has changed too—from those who fought over broadsheets to read about ‘what happened last night’ to those who can now plug a pair of earphones into their smartphones and transport themselves into a live game. Football has been changing too, with the technology revolution laying its hand on the techni­ques  of football, as on everything else. Yet, in its essence, it’s still what a lay observer will say it is: 22 ind­­ividuals on a lush field running after a leather orb.




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