05 August, 2021

Fences And Windows

A restive Iraq gets violent and Indian troops, if they respond to the US call, may well walk into a minefield

Fences And Windows
When six British soldiers were killed in Basra, southern Iraq, a fortnight ago, coalition commanders just couldn't figure out what had been the provocation for the attack. The reason gradually dawned on them: British soldiers had barged into homes with sniffer dogs, much to the chagrin of Muslims who consider dogs impure. The feelings of Iraqis were also roiled because British male troops, insensitive to local cultural traditions, had conducted body search of Iraqi women.

As Iraq plunges into a spell of bloody reprisals, US-UK troops are now facing the fire. On July 6, an Iraqi student shot an American soldier outside the Baghdad University. The soldier had pushed the student around and he, unable to accept the humiliation, returned 30 minutes later and shot his tormentor in the neck.

These are just two of the innumerable troubling images New Delhi could consider as it mulls over Washington's request for troops in Iraq. Perhaps, the only factor favouring the despatch of Indian troops is the American assurance of deploying them in the Kurdish-dominated north where...

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