05 August, 2021

Fashion Is A Profile Pic

FB, Twitter et al have made fashion accessible, but robbed it of exclusivity

Fashion Is A Profile Pic

Fashion loves to embrace the new and is always quick to adapt to socio-cultural developments. There is no question that this industry has welcomed The Social Network. The way we look at fashion has totally changed, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and Instagram. And the way we report fashion has changed too. Fashion shows are streamed live, reviews on blogs are up minutes after a show, and online e-commerce stores make collections available minutes after a fashion show has ended. You can buy an outfit even before the next day’s newspaper review is out. Twitter, of course, means that even the fashion reportage a paper carries is outdated. Today every fashion writer needs to learn the art of revi­e­wing a show in 140 characters. Knowing your social media is as important as knowing your fashion. The fashion brands, retailers and magazines are...

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