20 October, 2020

Fact File

Interesting trivia on the greatest show on earth

Fact File

Mary Leela Rao was the first Indian woman to participate in the Olympics. Rao, a long jumper, took part in the 1952 Helsinki games.

Olympic officials once took apart Dhyan Chand’s hockey stick to see if there was a magnet inside. Adolf Hitler was a fan too, offering to buy it.

Great Britain’s Philip Noel-Baker, who won silver in the 1500 m in 1920, is the only Olympian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

For a sport to be in the Olympics, it should be ‘widely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and women in 40 countries’.

Between 1956 and 1964, a Ukrainian gymnast called Larisa Latynina won 18 Olympic medals—the most by any athlete in history. 

In 1964, Ewa Klobukowska won a bronze in the 100 m dash and a gold in the 4x100 m relay. Three years later, she became the first athlete to fail a sex test. 

The practice of releasing doves at opening ceremonies was halted after some birds were...


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