31 July, 2021

Evil Under The Sun

The gangrape of two Swedish tourists highlights the spurt in crimes in the former hippie paradise

Evil Under The Sun
No girl should feel safe! Stick to the main roads, avoid dirt tracks, and when in your house, make sure that all windows and doors are locked. (The police) have no idea of the amount of rapes (of foreign tourists) in Goa... take care! Spread the word.
—Rape Alert, a pamphlet displayed by Western tourists at Goa's beach restaurants.

IF you're one of the 30,000-odd foreign tourists visiting Goa at this time of the year, you may run into the above notice pinned on the thatched walls of the Goodluck beach-shack restaurant  on the sands of Baga beach.

The campaign against beach crime was sparked off when eight men gangraped two young Swedish women on March 6, at Anjuna, the Mecca of backpack and hippy tourists in South Asia. When returning after a late-night beach party, their bike was stopped by assailants armed with sticks and knives. Their male companion was forced at knife-point to witness the gangrape. Crime is turning into a growth-industry along parts of the North Goa beach belt, following the prosperity brought in by the booming tourism sector over...

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