16 June, 2021

Evil On The Move

What explains the bestiality that is stalking our cities?

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Evil On The Move

Are rapes in the country becoming more and more violent or are they now just getting reported in every horrific detail? This question came to the fore after seven men subjected a young 23-year-old paramedic to bestiality beyond rape aboard a moving private bus in south Delhi this week.

All this girl had done was go for a movie with a friend at a plush south Delhi mall. Heading home around eight at night, the two took an auto to a nearby locality and waited for a bus to take them to where the girl lived in west Delhi. When a private bus stopped for them, they boarded it, with little premonition of the nightmare that lay in wait on board the bus.

The men on the bus passed lewd comments, to which the girl’s friend objected. And that became the basis for a 40-minute ordeal in which the girl was barbarically raped, her friend beaten up and an iron rod inserted inside her so mercilessly that it tore up her internal organs. Their animal instinct satiated, the drunken men threw them out like trash on the road. A police vehicle rushed them to the hospital after a...

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