27 February, 2021

Eves Do It Too

It's not just Adam for Madam. The Indian woman storms another male bastion as she seeks sex—and solace—outside her marriage.

Eves Do It Too
"The acceptance of adultery here was, and sometimes still is, quite shocking to me. So many married men here tell me that even Krishna cheated and that I am stuck in some sort of Judeo-Christian cultural context. The god had a good time and he was not condemned for it, they say. And some women I have met, mostly the educated middle-class ones—if you can believe it—tell me, 'Look at our heritage. It is natural. Look at Krishna.'"
—Carin Fisher, German-American lawyer who moved to New Delhi about a year ago

"I was shocked when I first came back to India some years ago. Everybody seemed to be having extramarital affairs. You don't do that in the West. You have serial monogamy. But I have changed my mind. If there is a Krishna in men, there is a Radha in women. Why can't I be both: a wife and Radha? We are born with it. Men are doing their Krishna thing, aren't they?"
—Bina Ramani, socialite

Well, blame it on the gods. Or, thank them. Adultery is alive and flourishing in India. So what's new? After all, adultery is as old as...

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