03 December, 2020

"Everything About Sonia Is Suspect"

K.R. Malkani, senior vice-president of the BJP, is at his vituperative best on the subject of Sonia Gandhi. He feels that she isn't prime ministerial material—and besides, she's an alien to India. In an interview, Malkani explains his stand:

"Everything About Sonia Is Suspect"

Are people against Sonia Gandhi? Why?

Nobody knows who she is. Where is her family? What is her education? Her antecedents are not known. She is like a Muslim woman in purdah. How can she claim to be a leader when everything about her is suspect? In a word, she is a sphinx.

But she is the Congress president and the party has done well in the recent assembly elections...

That is a different matter. I would not say she is stupid, just average. Events have borne that out. She can’t make up her mind on whom to trust. She initially fell back on Madhavrao Scindia, then ditched him. Then she had Arjun Singh advising her. I don’t know what will come of that. Then she has the Christian mafia backing her, like Sangma. And also the likes of Ajit Jogi. Is that not clear enough?

Do you think the fact that she is Italian-born is a big disqualification?

Yes, it is a major factor which has not gone down well in this country. Moreover, she does not know India or its people. She is of unknown...



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