12 April, 2021

‘Everyone Needs Support, Not Just Slumdwellers’

The activist-politician on slum-dwellers and the contradictions in her party's stand on reservations

‘Everyone Needs Support, Not Just Slumdwellers’

We met for an interview during breaks from campaigning at Vikhroli, where a visibly tired Medha seemed more out of place with the English media journalists than the street. Volunteers come and go, taking long instructions, as she sits behind a table in a small 10x4 room, laden with AAP newspaper cuttings, posters and banners.

There is a general middle-class and media perception that is anti-slum, and the only people fighting against the builder lobby are the working class and the poor. How would your housing policy move beyond these?

Those fighting the builder lobby are not only the working class and poor. We are fighting mhada redevelopment. All middle-class people—government officials, government servants, bank employees—are with us. We are fighting other redevelopment projects. Everywhere people are cheated. The Catholic properties in the heart of the city are grabbed by builders.

How would you defeat this perception?

We are holding meetings in societies and raising these...

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