02 October, 2020

Everyone Loses Out

Rahul Bajaj on why merit should be the sole criteria

Jitender Gupta
Everyone Loses Out
After 57 years of independence, it's difficult to continue reservation on the basis of caste and class. If the policy is to support economically backward sections, which could include a Brahmin too, it'll be acceptable. But why is reservation just based on caste? This is against the nation as a whole.

Industry was demanding a flexible labour policy. While that has disappeared, just the opposite is happening by pushing reservation into the private sector. If this is imposed on us, my desire to employ people will be seriously discouraged. I have 11,600 people in my staff which includes people from the OBCs and SC/STs. No one forced me to take them. They came in on their merit. Nothing stops them from getting jobs in the private sector. If I had to employ more people for a new facility, I would ensure I got the best. But under this system, that would not be possible. Obviously, I am not going to employ more people if this is imposed. This would lead to lack of efficiency, low productivity and high costs and ultimately companies will close down and everyone will lose their jobs....


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