21 June, 2021

Everyman, Woman And...

...others. Times have changed, Census 2011 reads India anew.

Sanjay Rawat
Everyman, Woman And...

For A Right Count

  • In a first, transgenders have the choice to get themselves counted as ‘others’, and not as males or females
  • Categories of the disabled go up from just five to eight
  • There is a much wider list of the remunerative work women do 
  • Sex workers get category, not clubbed with beggars
  • But difficulties remain in counting some primitive tribals


“You count, therefore we count,” is the catchy slogan coined to explain to an estimated 1.19 billion Indians why they should be part of the mammoth, Rs 2,200-crore, 2011 census. But making Indians feel they count is no easy task for the 2.5 million census enumerators, who have  to grapple with not just one India, but the many within, from a middle class embracing new ways of living, to tribes still clinging to an ancient past. 

One of the stiffer challenges they face is counting the Sentinelese people, who...

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