20 June, 2021

Everybody ‘Likes’ This Collector Bro

N. Prasanth, Maati Vani of the Year

Photograph by Prakash Karimba/Madhyamam
Everybody ‘Likes’ This Collector Bro

In the early days of creating the Facebook public page ‘Collector Kozhikode’ in February, 2015, N. Prasanth, the district collector, did not know what to expect. At that time, other DC pages had few followers. So, when the page crossed 5,000 page likes, his office cheered. It was a major milestone. Weeks later, Prasanth visited the government-run Mental Health Centre and was shocked by its miserable condition. He asked the superintendent for a wishlist and was given a list of essential items like cots, buckets etc.

Knowing well that the official route would be long, he put up the list on FB. Within two weeks, items worth Rs 4 lakh reached his off­ice. “That’s when I realised how effective the social media platform is,” says Prasanth.

Then, Prashant invited volunteers to come with acoustic equipment to the Kozhikode beach for a ‘Drum Circle’. “Since inmates of the government children’s home had finished their exams, I thought I’d take them for an outing on the beach. I gave the call on the FB page at 9...

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