24 June, 2021

‘Every Person Is A Minority In One Place’

Patricia Mukhim—the Meghalaya journalist who dares to depart from nativist anger—speaks on why she is still getting trolled after an SC acquittal, and why speaking up is important.

‘Every Person Is A Minority In One Place’

Acquitted by SC in a case of alleged hate speech against fellow-natives of Meghalaya, Shillong Times Editor and Padma Shri award winner Patricia Mukhim speaks to Midhat Fatimah about majoritarianism, press freedom and democracy. Excerpts…

On the case: I  found support from all quarters except my own community who thinks I am pro-non-tribals and against my own people. So, the trolling continues even after the verdict. But I have taken it all in my stride because I have been writing on the issue for a long time. I have been pleading that non-tribals are a minority in Meghalaya and it is our duty to stand by them. Every person is a majority at some place and a minority at another.

On press freedom: We are not really free to speak our minds because today people are being booked for sedition and being termed anti-national for flimsy reasons. How can citizens stay quiet when things go wrong?...(But) everyone wants to play safe. I don’t think one can...

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