14 June, 2021

Every Day Lost Is A Hindutva Vote Lost

Delayed polls would mean Modi losing out on the Godhra advantage

Every Day Lost Is A Hindutva Vote Lost
His rhetoric resounding with repetition, stamina exhausted, government set to be relinquished and now the very purpose for doing all this seems to be slipping out of his hands. And with it time, his password to political survival, is fast flitting away. For Gujarat's beleaguered Chief Minister Narendra Modi, every day lost is a Hindu vote lost.

There is more than one reason why CEC J.M. Lyngdoh's delaying an early poll will upset Modi's applecart. First, it would dilute the already petering Hindutva effect, the reason for pushing for early elections. Then, it would provide dissidents in the party more time to spread their wings.

Ditto for the rejuvenated Congress which, under its new chief and Modi's bete noire Shankersinh Vaghela, would have much more time to organise itself. Vaghela has electrified Congress workers, who are stunned to see him marshalling huge crowds in BJP bastions. The new Congress chief is raising issues on the BJP's poor governance. While Vaghela says, "I'm fully prepared whenever the polls are held," a close associate of his points out, "He just...

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