17 May, 2021

‘Even In J&K, This Doesn’t Happen’

Retired army officers on the Hashimpura massacre.

‘Even In J&K, This Doesn’t Happen’

The Outlook cover story about the army’s dubious role in the Hashimpura massacre led to several army officers voicing outrage. Some like Lt General (retd) H.S. Panag took to Twitter to declare that he would write to the current army chief and call for a fresh inquiry. Not many were however willing to speak on record. Ushinor Majumdar spoke to a cross-section of retired army officers to put together the following perspective:

What’s the role of the army when deployed during internal civil unrest?

The army’s role is well-defi­ned. In times of civil unrest the army is required to “aid civil authority” under Sec...

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