19 June, 2021

Eve Ensler

The activist and playwright was in India for the world premiere of her new play, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls

Eve Ensler

Why did you choose India for the world premiere of your play?

I love India for its multiculturalism. Feminism is essentially present in India. Also, the actors here have done a fabulous job in my plays.

What’s your new play about?

It is about the emotional journeys of girls all around the world and how girls are always conditioned to please everyone except themselves.

What inspired you to take up this theme?

Women are looked down upon for being emotional when there’s nothing wrong in being so. The play explodes such taboos. 

Is it a message to men not to be shy about showing their emotions?

Absolutely! Our social setup prevents men from expressing their emotions with a given that men can’t be emotional.

When you met girls from around the world for this play, what were the revelations?

Violence against girls is a global phenomenon: rape, sex-trafficking, abuse, domestic...

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