06 December, 2020

Et EU, India?

Did we have to play a surrogate's surrogate?

Et EU, India?
India's vote in the IAEA on Iran's nuclear programme has caused distress and divided opinion on a foreign policy question. It's reminiscent of the debate on sending Indian troops to Iraq. The government has insisted that it acted in its own judgement, without outside pressure, and 'on behalf' of Iran in order to be helpful. Do facts sustain this?

The New York Times report of September 15 spoke of "the Bush administration's insistence that a reluctant India join in the confrontation over Iran's nuclear weapons program". He said American officials think that with India's help a majority can be obtained in the IAEA board of governors and "India must now choose who is the best partner to meet its surging energy needs—Iran with its natural gas resources or the West with its ability to help in developing Indian civilian nuclear power...if India fails to cooperate on Iran, the civilian nuclear energy agreement negotiated last summer could be rejected by Congress".

Neither side has contradicted the report. On the contrary, the eager welcome accorded to the Indian vote...


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