13 April, 2021

Entrepreneurship Diary

Capt Gopinath on his moment of epiphany…sitting next to a burger-chewing carpenter on a low-cost flight in the US. The path for India’s redemption lay clear suddenly.

Illustration by Saahil
Entrepreneurship Diary
The Only Dream Merchants

The late C.K. Prahlad once said that entrepreneurs are the new freedom fighters of India. Entrepreneurs can free India from poverty. Entrepreneurship is the art of creating new markets and stretching limited resources with daring, unlimited dreams. Though historians say there are a myriad Indias, alike and yet starkly contrasting, I venture to suggest that there are only two Indias—the haves and have nots. Thus, the focus of all efforts, ideas and political action should be on tackling the sheer magnitude of poverty and unemployment of a majority of the population seething with resentment, helplessness and despair  over their exclusion. One-third of India—220 districts—is identified with Maoist activity. They feel dispossessed, cheated and robbed of their dreams. Only the spirit of adventure, continued optimism and entrepreneurial energy can lift India from poverty. Entrepreneurs create markets, which create...

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