27 July, 2021

Who Will Censor Those Who Censor?

People who matter speak up: Self-regulation is better than censorship.

Who Will Censor Those Who Censor?

Should there be censorship for OTT platforms?

Vani Tripathi Tikoo
Member, Central Board of Film Certification

I have constantly argued for creative freedom and that the lens of film certification should not be used for OTT. Consuming OTT content has always been a more personalised experience as compared to theatres, where it is a collective exercise. However, in the post-Covid scenario, OTT viewing has become more of a family affair.

As far as regulating OTT content is concerned, there are no industry standards and no regulatory code put in place. The streaming services themselves have not taken cognisance of the responsibility that they should be a part of. There is a need for some regulations. The industry should come together and create a kind of consciousness that whatever content they put out, there should be some kind of a filter that looks at the content. And the filter also has to be social responsibility. You...

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