27 September, 2020

The Freedom To Stay And Flee

Girish Kasaravalli casts a macroscopic lens on how urban India recreates the feudal structures of the rural. The only difference? There is no way out of the city.

The Freedom To Stay And Flee

“Place is security, space is freedom… What begins as undifferentiated space becomes place as we get to know it better and endow it with value. From the security and stability of place we are aware of the openness, freedom and threat of space, and vice versa.

—Yi-Fu Tuan, Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience

The freedom to stay somewhere and be someone is as important to life as the freedom to leave where and what one is. It is these liberties that determine one’s relation to a space or mode of life that one has chosen or is bound to. Caste, class and gender are some such states of being where one’s freedom to leave is curtailed. Such lack of liberty is considered all the more dire in a village, whereas the city, run by money, supposedly offers the freedom to move places and choose vocations, irrespective of one’s caste, class, religion or gender.

Girish Kasaravalli’s new film Illiralaare Allige Hogalaare (Can Neither Stay Here, Nor Journey Beyond) consists of two...



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