23 April, 2021

The Covidland Nurses

Some of the portraits in Robert Fogarty’s latest project 'Dear Nurses' evoke hope and resilient spirits.

Photos: daymonmgardner/dear world.org
The Covidland Nurses

If the eyes of the nurses photographed for Robert Fogarty’s latest project aren’t expressive enough, there are always the words—emblazoned on forearms or faces or chests. Fogarty, for those unfamiliar with his previous similar projects—including portraits of people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing and the Pulse Nightclub massacre—is the creator of Dear World. That’s the name for both his special event business, at dearworld.com, which includes photo sessions incorporating its signature words-on-skin style; and a nonprofit, at dearworld.org, where “we tell the stories of our time”.

Some of the portraits shot by photographer Daymon Gardner for the new “Dear Nurses” project evoke hope and resilient spirits. Some are in memory of a lost patient. All are about the trials of having dealt with the sudden onslaught of COVID-19 in New Orleans last spring, from the accelerated mortality rate and trying to comfort dying patients isolated from their loved ones to worries about their own health and that of their...

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