31 July, 2021

'Stuck In An Image, But I’m Happy'

'Nothing can keep you down except yourself. If you give up, it’s the end of you. I performed to the best of my abilities. The rest is destiny,' says Govinda in an exclusive interview to Eshita Bhargava

'Stuck In An Image, But I’m Happy'

He bopped into stardom with dollops of slapstick and lipstick in the ‘90s, and then become a parliamentarian. At 57, his swagger and smile are firmly in place. The dance moves may have slowed a bit. Govinda is back in the reckoning with Indian Pro Music League, a TV reality show. He has much to tell…excerpts from an interview to Eshita Bhargava.

Act One, Scene One: We are from Gujranwala and my father, Arun, was a successful actor. Mehboob Khan Sahab launched him as a hero in Aurat in 1940. We had a bungalow on Carter Road in Mumbai. But my dad suffered heavy losses after producing a film. We sold the property and the family [Govinda has four sisters and an elder brother] moved to Virar. The loss took a toll on my dad’s health. When my mother was expecting me, she began living a sadhu’s life. That alienated me from my father and he wouldn’t take me in his lap for a year after I was born as he thought it was because of me that his wife became a sadhu. Over time, he accepted...

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