06 August, 2021

Scotsman In Curry Cosmos

'Indian cuisine is one of my favourites. The seafood curry, especially the prawn curry, is something I enjoyed. It was just off the scale,' says Scottish actor James Cosmo

Scotsman In Curry Cosmos

Scottish actor James Cosmo makes no plans, trusts the universe to send him stuff—no, not space junk but things that keep him up in the cosmos of popularity, success and satisfaction. Like the Game of Thrones, or Wonder Woman, or Jagame Thandiram of south Indian star Dhanush, his latest. Lachmi Deb Roy spoke on Zoom with the 73-year-old Cosmo in Budapest where he is shooting his next movie. Excerpts:

Your Indian experience: I was there only for a week, sadly. I wanted to stay for a month. It’s an extraordinary country with so many cultures, traditions and languages in each and every state. Nobody, no matter how many times a person visits India, will be able to say he/she is familiar with India. It’s totally fascinating. And being from Scotland, I love the food of India.

Curry tales: Curry is the generic name for Indian food. But curry is Scotland’s national dish.  We have Indian restaurants in Scotland and UK and...

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