01 March, 2021

‘Ramayan Is A Wholesome Treat For The Soul. Don’t Politicise It.’

‘Ramayan Is A Wholesome Treat For The Soul. Don’t Politicise It.’

Deepika Chikhalia carved a niche for herself in the Indian entertainment industry by playing Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s iconic television serial Ramayan. The 54-year-old actress spoke exclusively to Giridhar Jha after the first episode of the 1987 show was telecast on March 28 amid a raging political controversy. Excerpts:

How was it watching Ramayan 33 years after it was first screened?

I remember the first episode of Ramayan being shot on the first day of the serial’s shooting. That was also the first time I saw myself on screen as Lakshmi. It took us seven days to complete one episode because there was so much chroma keying involved. Also, it involved depiction of gods and goddesses, so we did not take it lightly. I am remembering (now)all those things and more. It was also nice to see myself look so young again.

People used to touch your feet back then…

This country has faith and lives with the understanding that there is god....

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