29 July, 2021

'Pair Your Grey With Bright Dresses And Accessories'

Author, screenwriter and advertiser Anuja Chauhan talks about her salt and pepper journey

'Pair Your Grey With Bright Dresses And Accessories'

What made you go grey?

We actually go grey very young in my family, so by the time I was in my late twenties I had a sizeable amount of grey. But there was this whole thing about not colouring while you’re breastfeeding, so I used henna. But once I weaned my third baby and was free to experiment, I went a bit nuts with all the just-arrived-in-the-desi-market Loreal shades. I tried mahogany, plum, darkest brown, chocolate souffle...it was really exciting! But the monthly touch-up became a drag eventually. It felt artificial and dishonest. My face started ageing, the contrast became too stark.

The bright and the dark side of going grey…

I love to wear outrageous clothes and making two pigtails, neither of which is age-appropriate. If I sported those with my greys, I couldn’t be accused of trying to look like my daughter’s older sister. Why would I want to look like that? I am her mother. But it’s not all sunshine on this side of the hill. I am complimented for my hair but often, when I’m...

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