16 June, 2021

‘Our Storytelling Has Changed Because We As Citizens Have Changed’

‘Our Storytelling Has Changed Because We As Citizens Have Changed’

Atul Kulkarni, a two-time National Award-winning actor known for power-packed performances in films such as Hey Ram (2000), Chandni Bar (2001) and Rang De Basanti (2006), is back with The Raikar Case, a murder mystery streaming on Voot Select. He talks to Giridhar Jha about his latest web show, his journey as an actor and his charitable trust. Excerpts:

You are known to be very particular about the scripts you choose. What made you sign The Raikar Case, a web show?

I always look for a story, whether I sign a film or a web show. I think we all go to theatres or sit in front of our laptops to watch a great story. The Raikar Case has a fantastic plot, which moves on two fronts. One the one hand, there is, a murder mystery; on the other, it is about complex relationships within a family. It is very intriguing, that is why people are binge-watching it. I am getting a lot of messages about it on social media. I think we have been successful in telling a great...

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