28 February, 2021

‘My Advice To My 20-Year-Old Self? Take Lots Of Pictures’

Acting is easier, producing your own content is like mothering, says the one-time heroine and celeb hostess of #NoFilterNeha. Her favourite guest: Sourav Ganguly.

‘My Advice To My 20-Year-Old Self? Take Lots Of Pictures’

Neha Dhupia in conversation with Lachmi Deb Roy about the work-from-home edition of #NoFilterNeha, now in its fifth season

Tell us about your show #NoFilterNeha

We want to have great conversations and a good laugh with the celebrities I interview. With so much negativity on social media, I want to emphasise happiness and fun. Under no circumstances do I try to be a journalist. Instead, I am a host. Everything we talk about is based on research. Often, chat shows are mainly about the work a celebrity has done, but my approach is more comprehensive. When we were talking to Sourav Ganguly, I made sure that the conversation was beyond cricket. So, my talk shows are more of a chat than news.

How different is producing from acting?

When you produce your content, you are responsible for a lot more. Acting is easier because all you need to do is go on the set, be on time, learn your lines, play the part and return. But as a producer and content creator, you have to do all of...

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