06 August, 2021

Malayalam Star Fahadh Faasil’s Take On The Evolution Of Indian Cinema

'Cinema is no longer stuck at one particular place. The writers have started exploring regional films more,' says popular Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil

Malayalam Star Fahadh Faasil’s Take On The Evolution Of Indian Cinema

Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil considers himself fortunate to belong to a timeline when regional films are crossing boundaries, charting new territories. He tells Lachmi Deb Roy about his latest movie, Malik, what it takes to prepare for a role and how he has been an integral part of Malayalam movies over the past ten years.

The Malayalam New Wave has expanded your audience and you don’t need a Bollywood film to get recognition.

I am fortunate. I think cinema as a whole is changing and regional films are travelling beyond borders.

The characters you play are different. How do you choose your roles?

I look at the story and see how it is narrated. Then I come to the different layers in the story. But the character I play in each of my films is something that I interact with at a later point. I start interacting with the writer even before they start writing the script. So, it’s almost like co-writing. That’s very...

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