17 June, 2021

Khan’s Market

Salman’s Radhe gets a hybrid release this Eid—in theatres, and on OTT and D2H platforms. Will it change the game for Bollywood?

Khan’s Market

Eid ka commitment tha, Eid par hi aayenge kyun ki ek baar jo maine…” [I committed to an Eid release (of my film), and Eid release it will be, because once I make a commitment…]

In the oft-repeated dialogue from his 2008 hit, Wanted, Salman Khan’s character said he never backtracks once he makes a commitment. True to his larger-­than-life persona, Bhaijaan’s latest big budget entertainer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is releasing on May 13, to coincide with Eid this year. Also in line with his on-screen image, the rele­ase will follow an unusual and uncharted path by going “hybrid”—premiering simultaneously in theatres worldwide as well as on over-the-top (OTT) and dir­ect-to-home (D2H) digital platfo­rms—something that has been tried out by Hollywood, but will be a first in India.

Back in March, when Salman had sent legions of his cultists into raptures by announcing the release of Radhe on Eid, little did he know what lay ahead. The second wave of Covid...

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