05 August, 2021

‘Is A Polluted, Dirty And Sick Planet The Legacy We Want?’

‘Is A Polluted, Dirty And Sick Planet The Legacy We Want?’

National Award-winning actress Raveena Tandon is known for championing various causes. She speaks to Giridhar Jha about her social media campaign to stop assaults against healthcare workers fighting coronavirus. Excerpts:

What prompted you to launch a campaign in support of doctors?

I I don’t think it needed much prompting after what we read and saw in the media. In the war against COVID-19, doctors and nurses are our foot soldiers. And yet, look at the way they are being treated—they are beaten up, stones are being hurled at them. I saw pictures of a bruised, bleeding doctor the other day. It is shocking and sad to see that we have stooped so low. We need to spread awareness about how important they are.

Your campaign also advocates for checks on fake news.

These incidents often happen because of misinformation. Some kind of brainwashing is making people take such drastic, misguided steps. Under normal circumstances, if someone is coming to save...

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