21 June, 2021

#MeToo, A Year On: Hashtag Shushed To A Hushtag For Delete

Has the movement lost momentum in Bollywood, silenced by a stifling patriarchy? Many suspects are back in business.

Illustration by Saahil
#MeToo, A Year On: Hashtag Shushed To A Hushtag For Delete

Barely a year after the #MeToo movement struck Bollywood like a tornado and shook its patriarchal foundations, India’s tinsel town appears to be have pushed the dirt under the carpet. All­e­ged sexual predators named, shamed and ost­racised during the campaign—inspired by a similar movement in Hollywood—are slowly being rehabilitated even as fresh charges have surfaced against powerful men, acc­u­sed of  soli­citing sex in exchange for work from young actresses. The industry, which took a high moral ground by banishing the predators a year ago, has now turned around to the view that nobody from its fraternity should be presumed guilty or rendered jobless until the alleged misdemeanour is proven through a legal process. By all means, the proverbial Augean stables rem­ain as dirty as ever, the casting couch out in the open once again. And it is the victims who are out of job, not the perpetrators.

That is, perhaps, the reason why new allegations don’t name the accused. But the charges are serious,...

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