21 June, 2021

Covided Screen

Tamil cinema’s three top stars struggle to complete their films

Covided Screen

#ValimaiUpdate??” As hashtags go, that one had a nasty habit of popping up everywhere—as placards during the India-­England cricket matches at Chepauk, at election campaign meetings in Tamil Nadu and even as T-shirt blurbs. It was an expression of frustration and curiosity by eager fans of Tamil film hero Ajith Kumar wanting to know when his next movie Valimai (Strength) would hit the theatres.

Since Boney Kapoor’s film unit, which is producing the movie, has ­chosen to remain silent on its progress, the hashtag became the preferred ­medium for Ajith’s fans—who call him “Thala” (short form of Thalaivar or leader)—to ferret out some information on the film’s release. Soon it ­became one of the most trending hashtags. “We could understand their ­disappointment since Valimai was aimed for a Diwali release in 2020. But then Covid and lockdown kept pushing the release date and we now hope to hit the theatres in August 2021,” says Suresh Chandra, Ajith’s...

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