27 July, 2021

Chennai Group MadRasana Gives Carnatic Music A Booming New Playground

A fusion of passion and good taste, MadRasana is finding new ways to take Carnatic music to the uninitiated

Chamber Studio
Sandeep Narayan’s concert in a small private theatre
Photograph by G.C. Shekhar
Chennai Group MadRasana Gives Carnatic Music A Booming New Playground

It is not the familiar, formal setting for a Carnatic music concert. The venue is a private theatre and the audience is seated just a couple of arms’ length around the performers. The musicians themselves are per­ched in the middle of the hall, facing each other from four corners of a small square, not in the traditional way of the main performer being flanked by accompanying art­istes. A 360-degree camera planted in the middle of this musical square would record the concert, to be seen on VR headsets later.

As soon as members of the audience plug their headphones into specially provided consoles and settle down in their cushioned chairs, singer Sandeep Narayan begins his concert, which is also a live recording. In three sessions of 45 min­­utes each, he and his team perform Carnatic kritis (songs) which can later be downloaded, to be listened while doing your workout in a gym or going for a jog.

Narayan’s soiree is Carnatic music’s latest format—the workout. On that Sunday evening an audience of about 45 rasikas...

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