16 May, 2021

The Erotic Manifesto: A Few Stanzas From The Garden Of Eden

The Erotic Manifesto: A Few Stanzas From The Garden Of Eden

The “tender coconut water of love....” Thus goes a metaphor impossible to convey in English without sacrificing the sweet notes, and lending some discordant levity, to the Malayalam original—an old film song. Even so we get somewhere: to the sensory, the tactile. A world unafraid of the fleshly. But here at hand was another aural memory, floating in cirrus-like, Raagendu Kiranangal…from Avalude Raavugal, the film emblematic of Kerala’s pop tryst with sexuality. In a Delhi visual art installation in 2019? How? Why?

You don’t know what to expect from “an electronic forest of erotic poems”, as this is subtitled. To be aroused? Maybe. Not an unnatural supposition. Maybe something more too…. But can erotica come to you like a howling sea, like the thrum of percussion, a forest that swallows you, a surreal, Edenic garden? Can it peel off your calluses and slit open your skin? Can it move you, even to...

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