13 June, 2021

A Team Is A Balloon

Examining that mysterious grit in Bollywood’s eye: the falling out between star actors and directors/producers

Kartik Aaryan with his Lamborghini
A Team Is A Balloon

The blinding flash of fame, fast cars, faster lives and an ego-flecked, rich seam of rivalries running through it all—star-spangled Bollywood lives are made of these. Splurging Rs 4.5 crore on a swanky Lamborghini Urus, Bollywood’s reigning heart-throb Kartik Aaryan chose to give himself a treat soon after recovering from COVID-19 the other day. Little did he foresee the hard knock that would spoil his joyrides.

Movie mogul Karan Johar, a godfather to many actors, both rookies and veterans, has shown Aaryan the door from his upcoming pet project, Dostana 2, following a reported showdown with the 30-year-old actor. This, despite the fact that Aaryan—who was playing the lead opposite Janhvi Kapoor—had shot a portion of the movie and that his exit would cause substantial losses to Johar.

Though both sides have maintained sil­ence over the reasons behind Aaryan’s exit, the gossip bruited around B-town suggest that Johar was mightily miffed with Aaryan’s alleged unprofessionalism and indifference towards the project. Also,...

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