25 February, 2021

Enter The Bat Cave

Bored? Idle? Flipping channels for some late-night ambrosia? The idiot box is the last place you'll find it.

Enter The Bat Cave
The sudden memory of being woken up at 3.30 am by college friends chanting the magic word TB6 (for the uninitiated, a Russian channel that ran late-night Playboy TV shows until it was banned a few years ago) caused a nostalgia attack that made me decide to embark on an all-night TV-watching marathon to see what the 21st century has in store for the Indian night-time couch potato. Not a smart decision, in retrospect—for most of the night, I could have derived more entertainment from sitting on my couch eating a potato. While late-night cable TV does cater to people’s primal passions (sex, shopping, religion) there’s one thing that’s truly lacking—entertainment.

First up, sex. If it’s a flesh-feast you’re looking for tonight, don’t bother. We’re (fortunately or unfortunately) nowhere near western standards and apart from Bollywood and music videos (which play all day) cable TV has actually grown more conservative in recent years. At least, there’s very little distinction between late-night ‘adult’ shows (with names like Night Shift and Lots of...

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