08 March, 2021

Enron Unplugged

It seems everybody has forgotten that the deal is just a contract and nothing more. It can be easily scrapped.

Enron Unplugged
Saurabh Singh I pay if I turn on a light bulb. If I turn it off, I still pay. If I own a light bulb and never turn it on, I have to pay. As a citizen of Maharashtra, even if I don't own a light bulb, I still pay! Welcome to the new age of light. The Enron game stretches on like a never-ending soap opera—it has for about eight years now and will for the next 20 if the machinations of Sharad Pawar and his ilk are to prevail. Much ado continues to be made, perpetrating the horror in a series of endless farcical episodes. Whereas, by now, it ought to be crystal-clear even to Dabhol's most ardent proponents that if this were to go ahead, it would mean the end of Maharashtra.

There's no set of economic parameters that one can posit that allows payments of the order of $1.4 billion a year and rising annually for the next 20 years for expensive base-load power. According to the Madhav Godbole committee, even a state electricity board (seb) in perfect health (for example, without any theft and very little...

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