06 March, 2021

Enhanced Speakers

A new survey is to take stock of all our languages

Illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Enhanced Speakers

Babel Of Bhashas

  • Himachal Pradesh (14): Baghati, Spiti, Todpa, Mandiali, Kinnauri
  • Uttarakhand (12): Marchha, Siraji, Ravalti, Tharu, Jaunsari
  • Gujarat (45): Kunkana, Rathuri, Nayaki, Bhantu, Dahewali
  • Madhya Pradesh (18): Sikarwari, Nimari, Nahal, Korku, Bardi
  • Rajasthan (12): Maad, Jagroti, Talhati, Pachwara, Mewati
  • Maharashtra (16): Bawari, Thakari, Malvani, Ahirani, Ramoshi


How many languages are spoken in contemporary India and which are these? We have never perhaps been closer to a more accurate answer to this fundamental question that has so far always generated estimates. More than a century after George Abraham Grierson, a British linguist, launched the Linguistic Survey of India (LSI) in 1894, results of a path-breaking People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) have begun...

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