03 August, 2021

Emmy Diary

What happens when a former top cop meets a pesky filmmaker who asks too many questions at a party? Years of research, and an award-winning crime series. The story of Delhi Crime.

Emmy Diary
A Series Is Born

It was like any other party in Delhi—aimless banter, plenty to drink, general bonhomie…. During the evening, I was introduced to a scrawny, nondescript youngster who stood out because of his unusually baggy trousers. “He is Richie Mehta, a filmmaker from Canada,” my host introduced him. Richie was looking for a subject. “What about the Nirbhaya case?” I asked. He had, of course, heard of it but felt it was too controversial a subject. I persisted: “Come and see me tomorrow, read our charge-sheet, the court’s order convicting the accused and then decide. I will also connect you with the officers who had dealt with the case.” Richie did turn up at my house the following day. He addressed me as ‘uncle’. He read our charge-sheet and the court order, but was still not sure. I sent him to Chhaya Sharma, the DCP who had led the investigation. As he interacted with her and other officers...

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