05 August, 2021

’Em Edisons In Our Backyard

Six steps to tap the latent talent in India

’Em Edisons In Our Backyard

The bright sparks are in India’s small towns and villages. As one of the youngest and largest manpower resources of the world, India must look to its own outback more urgently to draw top quality resources. This is where the talent of this nation lies. It is our untapped goldmine. Here are a few ways to tap it.

  • Merely criticising a system will not provide for progress or change. The kids need “mind engagement platforms”—in the form of quizzes, puzzles or games. It makes them think, question and learn. These are powerful, highly motivating and involve groups, so they enjoy being part of this form of learning activity.
  • Knowledge is not the barrier, language is. Close to 14 lakh kids from Karnataka take part each year in the Rural IT quiz for Class 8-12 students in rural areas. You would be amazed to see them crack questions on Larry Ellison, Skype, Facebook or even Angry Birds, provided the questions are in Kannada.
  • Confidence and self-belief are the key. We constantly involve...

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