28 February, 2021

EGS On Their Face

EGS On Their Face
Is this government its own worst enemy? Admittedly, the record of the Manmohan Singh-led coalition is just about average, with high marks for lowering the communal temperature but little else to shout about. The one or two badges the UPA could wear lie completely obscured, while the defeats—and there are many—engage the chattering classes. Democratic governments in our technology-driven age live and die by work done, and work not done. However, there is another, more significant, yardstick: how effectively are you able to communicate to the aam aadmi the work you have done? The Opposition and the media, because they survive and prosper on bad news, will in any case magnify failure so it is even more crucial for a party in office to ensure its few policy successes receive extensive coverage. Politicians like Tony Blair and George Bush employ huge, sophisticated machineries to publicise the slightest upturn in fortunes. President Bush recently risked a trip to Baghdad for the swearing-in of a representative...

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